Bungle Bungles Camping and Accommodation

Bungle Bungle Caravan Park

Bungle Bungle Caravan Park

Stay Closer to the Bungles

Bungle Bungle Caravan Park

Bungle Bungle Expeditions recommend Bungle Bungles Station Stay Caravan Park, the first and only facility at the turn off to the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park) just 1km from the Highway. The Caravan Park is on Mabel Downs Station. The Caravan Park is owned and operated by the Station owners. When building the new caravan park site they intended to keep as close to nature as possible with plenty of space and leaving the bush and trees to be enjoyed.

Bungle Bungle Expeditions run daily tours out of the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park making it easier than ever before to enjoy the wonders of the Bungle Bungle Region.

The following accommodation options are available.

The toilets and showers are transportable type and each shower has a toilet in it. There is a BBQ area for campers to use. There is a bush restaurant with Bush Stews/Curry’s and Damper.  Please note that there is no electricity in the safari tents.  Feel free to recharge phones, laptops and cameras in the office.

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